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by SteverB 10. July 2012 00:24

I often come across interesting links and send them around to my co-workers. I realized I should put them up here as well, that way I might be able to find them again:


Also, a big thanks to the spammer that reminded me that I have a blog. :-)


Looking Back and Moving Forward

by SteverB 2. January 2012 07:51

Now that 2011 is over I guess now is as good a time as any to look back and see what the heck happened.  Frankly, it's all a blur for me. I suppose had I made updating this blog a priority I might have an easier time remembering.

I do recall getting to play around with MongoDB and RoR writing the beginnings of a DropBox clone. That was fun.

I dipped my toe into the ASP.NET MVC waters a bit. I'm impressed, and intend all my future web development on the MS stack to use MVC. With the exception of not having an ORM I like, MS has done an excellent job. I love the Razor view engine. It's probably time for me to just go ahead and chew through Entity Framework again and see if MS has finally made it palatable.

I bought a Mac Book, and I must say that the hardware is excellent and it runs Windows 7 flawlessly. I'm still not a fan of the Mac OS. but I've been living with it while teaching myself iPhone development.

I read some great books! Neil Stephenson's "ReamDe", James Gleick's "The Information" and the Steve Jobs biography are the three that stick out in my head, but I do remember "Ready Player One" and "Fuzzy Nation" as also being quite excellent.

Finally, for the end of the year I switched jobs. As of Jan 3 I will be working for Cellular Sales here in Knoxville. Which means I get to once again learn a whole lot of stuff in a little bit of time, which I love. Hopefully I'll get a bit more time to blog about things, but I'm not holding myself to it as a resolution.



by SteverB 3. November 2011 09:11

Hopefully you only noticed because things started working again. 


OAuth Presentation

by Admin 27. July 2010 15:41

I finally got off my duff and presented to the local .NET user's group tonight. I think it went well, but my timing was a little fast.


In case you missed something, here are the slides: and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email


Fun With OAuth – Part 2

by Stever B 25. May 2010 17:03

Now that we have a clue about calling an OAuth secured service using Javascript, let’s try it again with C#. That way we can do the calling from the server side and not have to worry about exposing our secret key to the browser. This example is using the OAuth libray found at: More...

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